DIY Versus Professional Home Audio Systems: You Probably Need a Pro

DIY Versus Professional Home Audio Systems: You Probably Need a Pro

Home audio systems are one of the wonders of modern life. Bringing the noise of the big game or the latest blockbuster into your living room turns an ordinary night into an extraordinary one, which is why more people than ever are opting for these systems, complete with in-ceiling speakers and full-house integration. The best part is anyone can install one of these systems at home… right? You don’t really need a professional to plug a couple of speakers in, do you?

The truth is, the benefits of hiring a professional can far outweigh a DIY job when comes to home audio systems.


Imagine, for a moment, that the night of the big game has arrived, and you and your friends are settling in. There are two possible options. Either your friends are looking around for where that amazing audio is coming from, marveling at your in-ceiling speakers, or they are tripping over and making fun of the speaker cable threaded over the arm of the couch.

When your run your own wires for a home speaker system, you are often left wondering what on earth to do with them. Speakers end up randomly placed around your home, and can end up taking up valuable space. The wires are usually under a rug or running behind furniture, where it canbe tripped over, or disconnected by the curious family cat.

Professional home audio systems are hidden. The speakers appear where you want them to, blended seamlessly into your decor or even in your ceiling. The best part is, no one needs to know they are there until they are listening to the music and marveling at where it is coming from. The equipment itself is also hidden away in the basement or a closet, and can be controlled with your smartphone, tablet, or a handheld universal remote.

Ease of Use

You may think setting up your own audio system will be easy. You know how to work the TV remote, after all.

The problem is, some home audio components are hopelessly complex, and others are easier to use. Your skill and comfort with technology should weigh in on your decision, but often, you do not know how the product will operate until after you have gotten it home. With a professional’s help, you can get all of the features you want, and none that you may not need, because your installer will be familiar with the products and can help you get the experience you’re looking to achieve.


Even if you are familiar with the product, and can run the wires yourself, you may find that you end up with six remotes for stereos, a home security system, the television, and the audio system itself. This can lead to frustration and wasted time, especially if you are in a hurry to find your favorite show or set up for a get-together.

Home audio professionals can help you reduce clutter by helping you sync all of your devices together, so you can easily switch from listening to music to watching television. The time it will save you alone will be worth it.

In short, if you need a home audio system set up the right way, so that it looks good and makes your life easy, not more difficult, we would love to help. If you need a home theater in Paducah KY or the Kentucky Lake area, we would be happy to help you out. Trust a professional and get the most out of your quality home theater and entertainment systems today, and find out how convenient a connected, smart home can be, starting with your audio system.

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