Time to Cut the Cord with Cable?

Time to Cut the Cord with Cable?

It’s Saturday night. The kids are out with their friends and you *finally* have time to relax after a long week of work. You turn on the TV, grab your glass of wine, and scroll through the TV guide. Not a single program catches your eye. The jingle of a car dealership commercial rings in your ears. You start on your second round of channel surfing and the commercial repeats. The jingle grows louder and your blood pressure starts to rise. The recent $150 increase to your cable bill gnaws at your brain. You flip to the next channel, hoping to escape the endless barrage of commercials. And, there’s that jingle again. “We’ve got 200 channels, and not a damn thing worth watching!!” You think about ripping the cable box right out of the wall. This just isn’t working anymore.

Sound familiar?

You’ve hung on to your cable provider because up to this point it’s seemed tried and true. It’s convenient, you know what to expect, and it’s been there for you– like a reliable safety blanket. Sure, it’s an overworn and outdated blanket. Yeah, it’s got some holes, but you’ve grown accustomed to working around them. Most nights you can tune out the commercials and mindlessly stare at a sitcom rerun that you’ve seen numerous times before. But, some nights you find yourself wishing for more.

I have good news for you, my friend. No longer do you have to stay in this unhappy relationship with your cable company. You can break up. You can cut that cable cord!

The time is ripe for an entertainment revolution. Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are producing original, cutting edge programming for viewers of every fancy without the contractual weight of cable. Sling, Hulu Live TV, Fubu TV, Philo, YouTube TV, and AT&T Watch provide live television channels users can stream into their home without the need of a cable box. For too long, few cable companies have monopolized the home entertainment market– providing subpar programming and service at unsavory rates. As home entertainment programming continues to evolve, “what’s out there” in terms of new content and routes to that content grow as well.

While streaming options may sound enticing, there are many wanna-be cable cutters that stop short of snipping the wire. Those cable subscribers still cling to the comfort of what’s familiar and the vastness of streaming options may seem overwhelming. If you count yourself among these folks, I say there’s need to fret! You don’t have to dive into this new era alone. There are many self help blogs out there (like this one!) that can help guide you through the transition from a cable dominated landscape to one of more options– to a world of more entertainment freedom! Home Audio & Video companies are also making their way into the everyday marketplace. These companies employ professionals who can help guide you through this process and who will ensure you have the necessary hardware to make a seamless switch.

The first step towards cord cutting is evaluating your television habits. Figure out when you use the television. What are your favorite stations? Do you use the tv primarily for sports? Cooking shows? Reality tv? The news? Do you have a family that enjoys different kinds of programming all at the same time? With your viewing habits in mind, you can use The Matchmaker on websites like streamable.com to compare live stream tv bundles. You can also price shop and determine which streaming services fit the needs of your family best.

Once you have a streaming service in mind (or a combination of services), you’ll need to acquire the hardware to stream the programing into your television. You’ll need a decent internet connection and a set top box like Roku, Amazon Fire Stick or Google Chromecast. You can also purchase a “smart TV” like Apple TV or recent Samsung and LG television models that are equipped for direct streaming of most streaming services. These set top boxes are generally inexpensive, with Rokus retailing between $29.99-$99 and Firestick retailing around $50. Unlike your cable box, you’ll only have to pay for this hardware once upfront. After that, you can decide which streaming service you want to subscribe to. No longer do you need a two year contract to watch tv. No longer do you need to pay for channels you’ll never watch. No longer will you need to suffer through commercial after commercial after commercial.

It’s simple Economics– as new TV streaming services hit the marketplace these companies have to compete with one another, thus guaranteeing lower prices and higher quality content. They realize that in order to get you out from under your cable safety blanket, they need to do better. They’ve got to give you the same content you expect, but with a new twist. That means being able to hand select the channels you love while ditching all of the other unnecessary programming.

Each streaming service varies slightly in its content and layout, but overall, the idea is the same. The average cost of each streaming service is around $45-$50, with the lowest being $20 for a basic Philo package. With most services, you have the option to upgrade your subscription by adding specific package bundles, which include premium channels such as HBO, STARZ, or sports packages. All of the streaming subscriptions allow you to cancel your subscription at any time without slamming you with cancellation fees.

Let’s take back our freedom of choice! Allow your entertainment package to change as you and your family evolve. Take your entertainment on the road. Stream what you want, when you want, how you want. These options are readily accessible and affordable. So, why don’t you cut the ties with the old security blanket? See how your life can improve while you save money with hassle-free entertainment options!

Here at HomePro Audio & Video, we strive to create the most convenient and high quality entertainment experiences for each of our clients. From consultation to installation we provide you, the customer, with a more immersive entertainment experience. We’ve seen many living rooms transformed back into a space of family entertainment as our clients have cut cable out of their life. Why don’t you join the cable cutting movement? Give your local home audio and video technicians a call, and allow us to transform your home entertainment viewing for the better. Take your channels into your own hands. Take your entertainment freedom back!

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